Dr. Dina Miller, Optometrist

Dr. Dina Miller, therapeutic optometrist, is also licensed as an Optometric Glaucoma Specialist and certified to fit Corneal Refractive Therapy (CRT) contact lenses. She is a graduate of the University of Houston College of Optometry and completed her optometric training at Brooke Army Medical Center and South Texas Veteran Affairs hospital. She is an active member of the Central Texas Optometric Soceity, Texas Optometric Associaton, American Optometric Association and InfantSEE.

With every eye exam, Dr. Miller aims to provide you with more than just 20/20 vision. Dr. Miller gladly welcomes patients of all ages and strongly believes in the importance of patient education and awareness. At the completion of each exam, she will ensure that all of your questions have been answered and that all exam results have been explained to you in full.

"Our office enjoys helping not only those that come in to our office but also those in the community. It's very important to be involved in our community to ensure that Austin stays a great place to live for years to come. I will be teaming up with a few different charities and donating portions of my optical proceeds to those organizations."

-- Dr. Dina Miller, Optometrist


Each member of our staff is thoroughly trained not only in their own field of expertise but in every aspect in order to provide you with superior care and service.

Jan Drake

The first person you'll likely meet upon entering our optometry office is Jan. If you have filled out the preliminary paperwork online (found here), you will just need to provide her with your ID, and if applicable, vision and medical insurance cards. Many eye conditions, such as dry eyes, allergies, red eyes, or ocular diseases are covered by your medical insurance benefits and not vision benefits.

Sarah Jackman

Next, you'll be greeted by Sarah. She will first take a few measurements of your eyes using an instrument called an auto-refractor. Next, she will guide you to the exam room where she will perform a few preliminary tests.

Jessica Ealand

If you're doing a contact lens exam, Jessica, with over 10 years of experience, will take special care to make sure you have all the knowledge and skills to become a successful contact lens wearer.

Joseph DeLeon & Nicole Stender

Our highly trained opticians, Nicole and Joseph, will take the time to thoroughly explain any applicable insurance benefits that you may be able to use towards your glasses purchase. They will ensure that you find the perfect pair that fits not only the shape of your face but also your lifestyle and most importantly, your daily visual needs.

Why buy your eyeglasses from us?
We hope you’ll want to buy your eyeglasses from our office and we believe we offer the best value available when you consider service, quality and price. If you decide to shop elsewhere for glasses, we certainly understand and we will be pleased to provide your eye examinations and eye health care. Find out more about the services we offer at our optical page.

Joann Garcia

Joann will complete your visit to our optometry practice by explaining your insurance benefits and placing your order of contact lens supply if applicable, and setting up your next appointment. With over 15 years experience, she will make sure that you receive the most out of your benefits and minimize your out of pocket cost.

Ben Ho Sm

Pursuing a career as an optometrist, Ben currently attends University of Texas and is vice-president of the Pre-Optometry Professional Society. He works part-time at our optometry practice as an optometric technician.